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'Scot Peterson had ample enough time to make it to the 3rd floor and prevent 6 deaths including the death of my daughter Meadow,' Andrew Pollack, father to the slain 18-year-old girl, said on Saturday.

Each day, thousands of new fad diets and 'fat-busting' fitness programs flood social media feeds and forums across Australia.

The pair have remained silent on how their relationship bloomed (Ms Campion and Mr Joyce pictured right at a Glebe bar), but sources close to the couple said they bonded over struggling relationships.

Mr Joyce told Ms Campion of 'feeling trapped' in a 'loveless marriage.' He told her he had not 'had sex in five years'.

He left his wife of 22 years 'heartbroken' after ending their marriage when he fell for his younger co-star.

But Ewan Mc Gregor has now been dumped by his mistress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (pictured together left) because she hated being labelled a 'home wrecker', according to sources close to the couple.

‘He has lost 20 per cent of his brain function and will be operated on again tomorrow (Monday).

He is expected to be in a coma for a number of weeks and is at risk of suffering a significant brain infection,’ Mr Mac Callum said.

It is believed there were up to 13 occupants in the white van or mini bus that pulled over in the attack.

Here, FEMAIL looks at their top tips and the common mistakes that immediately 'cheapen' the look of the home.

The history of the Comanchero motorcycle club covers half a century but can be told through the stories of just two violent men: Mick Hawi and Jock Ross.

To help break through the information overload, Australian personal trainer and performance nutrition coach, Camilla Akerberg, has busted the most common diet and fitness myths she's come across in her career.

Here, the health expert and model speaks to FEMAIL about what she's learned so far and shared what all women should know about working out, diet basics and building muscle.

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