Play count not updating

If it seems like your stats are stuck on your track's individual page or your profile, this is due to caching. To check your stats in the most accurate spots on the site, it's best to look at your track's stats through your Stats Overview page.Please note: It's important to know that our stats don't register self-plays.Whenever you play a song in i Tunes, the program keeps track of the number of times the song has completed playing, how many times it is skipped, and when these events occurred.This information is stored in the library and used to help determine how to build automatic playlists from the songs you prefer, among other functions.

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This problem has not happened with everyone who has upgraded i Tunes, and after users investigated this issue in a rather lengthy Apple Discussion thread, they found that this issue is linked to the use of the i Tunes crossfade function.for the past week, spotify has not updated ANY play counts. and i did some testing by playing a few tracks a dozen times or so and still no updates. Seems that i Tunes 12.7 doesnt update the play count and Last played when you play a track in i Tunes itself (or home Sharing to Apple TV). Tempted to revert back to 12.6 but cant find a download link for it, Yes, its always worked fine when Home Sharing and updating Play Counts and the setting is correct in my where you can log bugs against i Tunes.So if you are seeing the i Tunes not updating play counts, you could log that.

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