Dating in ulsan korea

I am an art teacher, I like art, like painting, I am a very tender and beautiful, very welcomed by friends of the man, I also like to enjoy life, love life, love sports, want to find some interesting people I have longhello, i am zhou and i am a sunshine girl, i like beaches, and travelling very much, i also like reading, dancing, and go to gym, do yoga to keep in good shape.

i am here want to make friends and if i am luck i hope i Hi everyone!

I'm more interested in spiritual happiness than material gain.

I am single 25 years old, I am 5.7ft tall, weigh 55 kg. I have just arrived in Korea and haven't really met anyone.

I enjoy travelling, playing sports, reading, watching movies, dancing in my kitchen, (and sometimes in bars), working with kids and swimming.

My personal favorite is the dancing game (I can’t remember the name of it) and Mario Kart.

I'm busy with aviation, and in my spare time I drink coffee, read books or watch movies and spend time shopping.

I have a very kind and sympathetic I'm an attractive girl from South Korea. My name is Yuying, my character is lovely and gentle.

I don't drink, but don't hold it against any one who does, It's their choice and I don't judge them, just want them to be themselves. At this point in my life I'm waiting for the total package,a companion, friend Hey Everyone! I'm actually on my way to Korea, just having accepted a ESL position. So as far as I'm concerned, I would say that I'm attractive, about 5'4' with dark brown hair and a great smile (or so I've been told! I'm interested in all sorts of sports and activities - I love the outdoors and I'm an avid fan of all outdoor sports. Would love to get to know a few more people here to see the sites with or just hang out once in a while. How ever does a person come on here and make an attempt to sell themselves (because truly, that is what we are doing after all) and still keep the honesty and integrity intact? I have alot of quirks, and it seems to take a great deal of time to get to know me, the real me (whatever that means).

I haven't ever been to Korea before, so I'm hoping to get to know some of you folks who are already there and know the ropes a little better . I'm also into music - especially live music - but anything My name is Georgette. I am half Russian half Syrian, and now I am in Korea for change. I love adventure, candy, travel, live music, thunderstorms, puddle jumping, a warm summer day, nature, hiking, walking, biking, swimming, Scotland (the bhoys are my team), anticipation..a million other things. Though be prepared...i don't care about money enough to be impressed Hey.

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