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The map is suited more for building purposes/posing (the map...**I stopped a while ago, and by a while I mean more than a few years, but I'm not going to be answering anymore questions about any of my WAC addons. I'm only uploading it because its not available on anymore. The map was originally on and has been reuploaded... I know, there is a good old Matrix map on the Internet for CSS called de_matrix. A small map I created in about 3 hours to test how quickly and effectively I can create a map. The NPCs you can see are in fact alive and will stare longingly into your soul if you catch their eye. I didn't made this map, i just changed the lights to give it a sunset theme and i also changed the grass (i'm sorry but the original one was horrible) all credits goes to the original map and his creator.-[url= I can't incl...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please note: I take no credit for this map. I know It's been since summer but I have been busy with college. I hope to have a fully finished...***Counterstrike source textures used***Desert driving is a massive scaled map made for Testing vehicle climbing and ACF battles, it has an Airstrip and 2 hangers with helipads by the side.Spawn it, throw it and laugh at the devastating damage you cause as a result of throwing it in the first place.Best used on buildings, props and anything else you can get your hands on. If you encounter any problems or have suggestions to ... Just putting that there so nobody has a reason to ask me if I made this map.

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Comes with a variety of different physbox options for ease of posing, along with bodygrouped and ragdolled hatches and tracks, bodygroups for the gun shield,... The models and textures from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This pack contains a whole bunch of vehicles ported from Call of duty 4, all of them ragdolled and with bodygroups and skins. The US ODIN Astronauts from Co D: Ghosts' space missions. Features fully bodygrouped hatches, ragdolled guns, tracks, and ramps where applicable, and there are some extra bodygroups...7/5/15-Fixed the old corrupted youtube video-Reuploaded Video onto workshop Attention! The Armored Car has bodygroups for the spotlight/antenna/cage on top and a ragdolled MG ring, as well as a C. The Gauss sniper rifle from crysisnote: This weapon uses the "357" ammo, so use this if you are looking for more ammo.*All workshop items will no longer be worked on and updated. I want to show you my vision of early conscripts with gasmasks Big ...(UPDATED DESCRIPTION)Hey, its yo boy.... This version should work now.===========I created this SWEP in order to show how EASY it is to make a SWEP in 5 seconds, which is what the majority of workshop swep makers do; copy, paste, upload, gg meg...

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to ask or join my steam group: This is the Claymore from BO2 (and mw1, mw2, mw3, bo1, etc). ...*UPDATE: Playermodel currently cannot be seen in the C menu due to one of garry's recent updates. A map based on my old school.- Map uses standard Half-Life 2 textures, no addition downloads required. If this doesn't work for you the map file can be found here If you don't know who he is, his the guy that ported the Halo 4 spartan armours for sourcefilmma... (Will be listed as Halo_*) I plan on adding more weapons to this pack such as Covenant weapons in the near future.

Before asking questions in the comments, check if it's ans...convert: minson97rip: luxox_18-changelog 1-fixed cap material added playermodel / npc-changelog 2-fixed normalmapsif player models are t-pose, you need to de-sub this If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to ask or join my steam group: This is the C4 ported directly from Co D Multiplayer. Just open up your console and type "cl_playermodel Nanosuit 2". Includes grunt, grunt leader, stalker, stalker leader, stalker guardian, heavy, pinger, tick, gunships, and dropship with pod. Map can be found in the Sandbox category with the name "gm_bombardon". Hello, I present a new addon called De Paris Subway!! An old SWEP pack made by me, using the models of Ryan7259. This is a reskin of ddok1994 Hazmat soldiers remade for HL2 leak's conscripts. Ye Well anyways, I think I'll be creating the Hellsing SWEPS and making them better than they were before, and having accurate readings and power in them. Iron Man's Mark 7 armor, used as his primary suit in The Avengers. What's in it:- Two NPCs for each set of armor, good and bad.

This is the official release of my Metro 2033 content including props and playermodels rigged for roleplaying purposes. Probably my biggest release ever so I'm kinda proud of this one, Males have 6 torso types and 6 legs types with 4 different skingroups (Regular, alternate, bloody, and burned).

The fact that most of the content that is used by server owners is outdated made me release this. Unfortunately there's a l...[img] in a post-apocolyptic era, RP_LR_Refuge_v1 captures the immersive style found in the popular 'Metro' video games and books, then puts it into one gigantic map. This addon requires additional content packs, which should install automatically when subscribing to the addon.

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