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The contradiction to this hypothesis would be that the inhabitants spoke an ancestral form of Mixe-Zoquean.

Other historians speculate that the people who populated Meso-America were Mongoloid people who crossed over between Siberia and Alaska and were called, Paleosiberian, or “Ice Hunters.” Upon research in the etymology of the term ‘Paleosiberian,’ we find ‘paleo’ from the Greek word ‘palai’ to mean, “ancient” or “primitive.” Siberian has a dual meaning: ‘Sib’ from the Greek ‘Sippa’ to mean “kinship, family-related by blood.” ‘Erian’ or ‘Aryan’ from the Sanskrit word ‘arya’ to mean “noble”, in reference to the Persian language.

However, the stone images were not the depiction of Siberians or Mongoloids.

Sterling concluded: The archeological and cultural data overwhelmingly confirms the depiction of Negroid faces.

Further archeological evidence of the Negroid in ancient America is found in the Monte’ Alban culture which seems to have begun at the end of the Olmec culture.

At present, between 25 and 40 archaic period Meso-American sites have been discovered.

The majority of these finds have occurred in the state of Veracruz which totals 246 recorded pieces with over 180 sculptures, alters, and stone heads.

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