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Last November, the German news outlets managed to film this illicit slave trade as it was secretly operating in Gaziantep, Turkey as well as make interviews with abducted women's families and the middlemen in Turkey who helped broker the release of some of these women.

According to the German reporting, captured via a hidden video camera, Abu Mital met with ISIS brokers in Gaziantep and handed over money to them.

When the family met with their relatives, the sad story did not end there.

Hoda and her children learned that her husband, and their father, had been slaughtered by ISIS.

Among the documents, the following receipts: Six suspects were arrested and charged with being members of a terrorist organization, financing a terrorist organization, and human trafficking. The suspects denied the allegations and claimed that they were basically transferring regular Syrian people's money to Syria via a fixed commission, as the banking system is currently collapsed in Syria. Based on the verdict of the court, all the suspects were released due to inefficient evidence.

However, the above receipts were translated into Turkish and handed over to the court on January 27, 2016, clearly indicating that on several occasions large sums of money was transferred routinely and no one had bothered to wait for the translations of the receipts to arrive to the court before the final verdict.

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