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Your game must include, at minimum, the following items: Be creative!You may create any kind of game that you choose, within the above parameters.Introduction In January 2004, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the leading causes of death for Americans for the year 2003. The majority of the top five causes of death for teens are preventable.They are as follows, for all races and both genders: For teens, the number one killer is accidents.

Some questions require factual answers, and others require you to support your opinions with material from the Web sites.All of these risk behaviors lead to an increased probability that a teen will become a victim of assult, suicide, or unintentional injury.For the purpose of this Web Quest, use only the statistics gathered for the years 20. cat=1&Quest=Q9 Visit this site to explore the results of surveys asking teens about safety belt use.You will answer a set of questions about accidents, safety, and ways to control your own risk behaviors.After you have researched some of the different risks teens face, you will create a board game to demonstrate what you have learned about the risk factors and protective factors for teen death.

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