James may dating sarah frater

Chump & Sons (founded July 2015) and is also a co-presenter in the television series The Grand Tour for Amazon Video as an exclusive for Amazon Prime customers, alongside his former Top Gear colleagues, Clarkson and Hammond, as well as former producer Andy Wilman.

May has presented other programmes on themes including science and technology, toys, wine culture, and the plight of manliness in modern times.

In addition to piano and harpsichord, May is a keen flautist and saxophonist.

After graduating, May briefly worked at a hospital in Chelsea as a records officer, and had a short stint in the civil service.

He has also presented a series called James May's Man Lab.

Subsequent spreads seemingly had random letters, starting with "SOYO" and "UTHI".

He has also driven a 1.3-litre Suzuki SJ413 through Bolivia, along Death Road, and over the Andes to the Pacific Ocean in Chile.

In Season 22 Episode 7, he drove a rallycross Volkswagen Polo, with the assistance of the Top Gear USA presenter Tanner Foust, who also lapped him in the final 30 seconds of the semi-finals in the rallycross, entering James into the Guinness World Records as the first person to get lapped in rallycross.

Always the joker, Jeremy told him: According to Jeremy the journalist duly wrote that down as fact in his notebook.

Of course, in real life James May is in a relationship with Sarah Frater who he’s been dating since 2000 and Richard Hammond has been married to Amanda Etheridge since 2002. Complaining about his promotional obligations for the Amazon show Jeremy revealed, “I’ve spent the past month on the promotional trail.

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