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C., area, started an emergency 14-hour drive to the state where Lauren grew up in a strict fundamentalist household. on a Sunday night in May, Lauren and John,* a young couple in the Washington, D.The sisters grew up, with two brothers, in a family that was almost completely isolated, they say, held captive by their mother’s extreme anxiety and explosive anger.“I was basically raised by someone with a mental disorder and told you have to obey her or God’s going to send you to hell,” Lauren says.

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So the couple started driving, switching off through the night, to meet Jennifer after her co-op class the next day.“Her anxiety disorder meant that she had to control every little thing, and homeschooling and her religious beliefs gave her the justification for it.” It hadn’t started that way.Her parents began homeschooling Lauren when she struggled to learn to read in the first grade. Soon, though, the choice to homeschool morphed into rigid fundamentalism.Lauren phoned around their hometown, trying to find family friends to take in Jennifer and her pets.She asked the family pastor to check on her sister.

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