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When this line executes, Dapper opens the connection, creates a Db Command, executes the query exactly as I wrote it, instantiates a Dapper Designer object for each row in the results and pushes the values from the query results into the properties of the objects.Combined with Dapper’s Grid Reader, the performance of these queries will definitely outshine EF Includes.By adding the model to your favorites you will get an instant email notification as soon as the model is broadcasting live. You can see additional information (including pictures and videos) on the profile page of the camgirl.Navigating to the profile page is done by clicking ‘Performer’s personal page’ on the bottom of the chat window.After reading numerous articles and blog posts, chatting with developers and playing a bit with Dapper, I wanted to share my discoveries with you, especially with those who, like me, perhaps heard of Dapper, but don’t really know what it is or how it works—or why people love it.Rather, I know enough to satisfy my curiosity for the time being, and hopefully spark your interest so you’ll dig even further.

All you need to send is an age verification document (passport) and sign the needed agreements with Livejasmin.

Gravell and Stack and team member Nick Craver continue to actively manage the project at github.com/Stack Exchange/dapper-dot-net.

Dapper focuses on letting you exercise your SQL skills to construct queries and commands as you think they should be.

Expressing SQL and populating related objects are tasks I’ve let EF handle in the background, so this is definitely more effort to code.

You’ve probably noticed that I write a lot about Entity Framework, the Microsoft Object Relational Mapper (ORM) that’s been the prime .

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