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However, the witch dropped Rapunzel's hair out the window when she shoved the prince.

Since the tower has no door and no stairs (people only got in through the window by climbing up Rapunzel's hair like a damn jungle gym) the evil witch starves to death - which was really her fault for building such a stupid tower in the first place.

What people seem to forget about is all the hard-core murder. Ashamed of his actions once he finds out the truth, Tootles begs Peter to kill him. VIDEO: Allison Williams Dedicates Her Flying to Robin Williams Also, at one point, the pirate Hook – a grown man in this universe – attempts to butcher Peter with his hook, and claws him badly. And, unlike in the Disney adaptation, Peter kicks Hook over the side of the boat and he is brutally eaten by the crocodile.

Peter lays on a rock as the tide comes in, waiting to either bleed to death, or drown. All of these murder attempts overshadow all the many themes of racism and underage kidnapping that also seem to exist in every facet of the original story.

Instead, she's forced to put her feet in red-hot iron shoes and dance until she dies.

Rapunzel- , and aside from the core concept of a girl with long, flowing hair who is locked in a tower by an evil witch, nothing else really stays the same.

However, the evil witch discovers the plan, cuts off Rapunzel's hair and casts her out into the woods to die.

When the prince shows up, ignorant to the turn of events, the witch throws down one end of Rapunzel's lopped-off hair, letting him climb up to the window.

NEWS: An Artist Imagined Who Disney Princesses Would Dress Up as for Halloween Eventually, the prince helps Rapunzel plan her escape.Also, the Prince is a jerk who makes her dance for his amusement, despite the pain it causes her.NEWS: This Is Why Disney Characters Rarely Have Moms And if that's not disturbing enough, the Sea Witch's agreement dictates that if the Prince doesn't fall in love with her, the Little Mermaid will die and disintegrate into sea foam. The prince falls in love with some other random woman. Remember that love is fleeting and any attempts at happiness lead to death., the princess – known as Talia in this version – is put in a deep, magical sleep when she pricks herself with a flax almost the exact same as Disney's adaption, minus the "love conquering evil" stuff, or any of the happiness.In the original version, the potion that the Sea Witch gives the young princess makes her tail turn into legs, but walking on them causes horrifying agony, and feels like stepping on knife blades.

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