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Also on your personal safety level, you want to vet this person a bit more before they have your business address and might show up at the door unexpectedly. While the original formal personal cards would cite the cities in which you hold residences, you might not want to do that.

If you live in a large metropolitan area, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, or San Francisco, you could put your city on your card. Of course, on the formal personal card, you would include you full formal name. Would you be happy having a stranger you flirted with at the coffee shop knowing all of this about you BEFORE your first date?

Feel free to mull it over while you listen to the inspiration behind the cards and debate its merits in the comments below.

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Since then, he said, he has been inundated with text messages and phone calls.If you need to block them or delete the account for unwanted contact later, it won’t be the email address you’ve used for over 10 years with all of your address book information in it.What NOT to include on your personal card Don’t put the email address you use at your Social Networking sites.There's Alex, an Arizonan who is apparently open to faxes as well as phone calls; Phil, whose own unique take on the card includes a picture of some extremely large headphones to complement the musical theme; and David Coppini, who reminds women on the card that he's the 'Italian guy you just met.' But the best Call Me Maybe business card yet (who knows how many iterations will surface), may be that of one Nicholas Walsh IV, who had the clever idea of designing his card like the text message conversation you'd see on an i Phone.(See it on Buzzfeed.) Now for the real question: What would you do if someone handed you a Call Me Maybe card?

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