Webcam with no email required

Mail servers which are known to send out these mass-emails are quickly "blacklisted" to prevent the proliferation of spam.

This allows almost any layout to be designed from single photos with captions and logos through to complex layouts with multiple photos and transparent overlays.

Any Windows compatible USB webcam should work with Webcam Photobooth, however for best results use a high quality webcam such as the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD, Microsoft Life Cam Studio, Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 HD, Logitech C920 HD Webcam or Logitech C910 HD Webcam.

These webcams give good quality results even in poor lighting conditions and have autofocus and a wide angle lens making it easier to take pictures of groups of people in the photobooth.

You can also use the Account Center button on this page in the right hand column. The truth is, modifications or updates happen when you are logged into those accounts with your saved bookmark login page.

Since we definitely DON’T want you to click on these links in the email, we want to give you the option to see what some of these email phishing attempts look like.

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