Scout dating apple app

By doing so, Sherpa will expose more photos from those locations that you’re interested in, personalising the content to your interests.The app launched recently with 500,000 geotagged photos organised 15,000 travel guides, with the photos provided by more than 2,000 Instagram photographers who Sherpa reached out to or who were part of the beta program.A young girl named Scout (maybe 11 or so) hops on her bike, carrying her i Pad Pro in a bag.It's a busy day for this young i Pad Pro user as she meets a friend on an apartment stoop, and works on a report about insects (using the camera to take a picture of a praying mantis).Sherpa allows users to search for a specific location to see the top photos taken there, or browse through a selection of trending locations.

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Back home, Scout is lying in the grass, typing on her i Pad Pro which is propped up by a Smart Case. "Hey," says the neighbor, "Whatcha doing on your computer?

" Maybe in USA they use i Pads, but no one government airline or mass industry use it in EU. So, the WORLD doesn't use i Pads - maybe is the biggest share on the market as a tablet, but take the market share of ALL Android devices. In the world, not USA only, Android have more than 80% market share. What do you do for a job and what is your experience of using PC's/Mac/i Pads for business?

k4ever gave a pretty good summary of what the world generally use in business and enterprise and you just come back claiming he's a fanboy.

U kids can sit on pa all day writing fanboy comment, it wont change any fact that ipad used by corporation/big business daily, cry som more.

Ipad most successful tablet in history, next to i Phone as mos successful smartphone in history "Is tat why airlines, mass industry , fedral governments, etc use ipad daily? Gdget Xpert1337 (Posts: 96; Member since: ) Ipad most successful tablet in history, next to i Phone as mos successful smartphone in history" How long did it take Apple to sell a billion phones, oh that's right they have only just done it after 10 years, something that Samsung managed to acheive in just 3 years Hey Gdgeetxpert1337.

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