Dating faux pas

These are indeed the "Big Two"; the subjects that you will initially want to either tread extremely carefully around or avoid altogether.

You can usually get a good feel for where another person is politically and religiously (or spiritually) just by talking to them, however, unless both of you are clearly on the same side of the fence (i.e., you met at your house of worship or at a political party fundraiser), these are hot-button issues that should be approached with great caution.

Even though this is one of the most common dating questions that I receive, I am instead sharing something far more important...

Alternatively, tag along with a friend the next time their office has a company picnic or function -- this is a great way to meet somebody who you know is responsible enough to hold down a career and who you can 'check out' with an acquainted friend before you agree to a date.

For example, if you or a loved one has overcome a serious illness or disorder, that is fantastic and definitely cause for celebration; however, it is not a suitable first-date topic -- remember, your date is someone brand new to your life.

The same thing goes for any kind of issues within your family (estate battles, divorce battles, custody battles, difficulty with children, finances, family estrangements, an unfortunate childhood, etc.).

Don’t mention any of the juicy details about your ex So what if your ex was wonderful, kind and generous…and it’s a real tragedy that it didn’t work out.

The guy sat opposite you now really doesn’t want to hear about it, so keep that one to yourself! Too much talking and not enough listening Slow down, take a breath, pause and listen!

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    Personal experience proves it too: From our eighth-grade romance to our most recent breakup drama, "love isn't easy" is a life lesson we know all too well.