Kohen dating

, the Hebrew word for priests, would belong in that category.

Kohanim are believed to be of direct lineal descent from Moses's brother Aaron.

He is considered 'chalal' (ineligible [for service]), and he does not need to stick to the same rules.

Orthodox Jews take this really seriously (see a recent dating mixer for Kohanim).

the latter leading some to quietly adopt a 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy like the one recently dropped by the U. I was surprised to discover that DNA testing has recently shown a common, distinct genetic marker exists among Y chromosomes of the majority of Kohanim tested.

Educator Lorne Rozovsky writes what it means to be a Kohein today on Chabad.org: "The Kohanim have the privilege of being called first to say the blessing over the Torah during religious services.

Many of these restrictions were designed to maintain what is referred to as ritual purity, since the Kohanim formed a holy order in the Temple of Jerusalem.

They are not waived even for older Kohanim who are not planning to have additional children.

Under these circumstances, the marriage is still prohibited by Torah law.

No matter how modern and progressive he's become, much of what was stressed at home is ingrained in him today.

"In my early twenties, being a Kohein wasn't much of an issue since the number of women who've converted, been divorced, or felt the need to date outside their faith was relatively small," he says, "In general, I don't expect that conversion-related issues will ever be a primary concern for many Kohanim simply because women who've converted are relatively few in number.

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