Free fetish dating sites no fees

Answers here range from “irrelevant” to “mandatory,” indicating that the user does not want to be matched with people who avoid that question.

When OKCupid purges a user for violating the terms of service as happens from time to time, that user has no means of getting her questionnaire data out of the system or verifying that’s it’s been destroyed.

Expertise was passed among a small, elite group with intimate knowledge of the ancient Veda texts.

These Brahmins had a monopoly on the business of drafting personality profiles, or Vedic astrology puts forward a mathematical explanation for human personality that has logical and weighted underpinnings, even if it is fabricated.

The one online dating site that is relatively open about their matching methodology is the very popular OKCupid.

The system uses two scores: how you answer questions and the importance you place on a potential mate’s response to the same questions.

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