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Upon her death in 1930, Hershey's will revealed "mat she had left 0,000 to UCLA tbr the cotistrm? The hall, which has in recent years been home to graduate students, transfer students, international stu- dents and students with disabilities, became co-ed in 1969. But in June, all of the student residents had to move out, and preparations began to transform Hershey Hall into an administrative office building. Among other things, one of the rea- sons for UCLA's renowned reputation is its athletic program. One athletic leader who may be attributed with giving UCLA most of See FIRSTS, page 6 first The 197 1-74 basketball teams coached by John Wooden racked up a record 88 consecutive NCAA wins. The proof lies in the packs of people that sit, either in the arena or before the television, to watch the Bruins play. asks: 'Ane 440U Uu Ho/iu Jte Ujpodata Sourer Offkr of ttctitmi Pl^nntnq tnd Budget ETHNICITY NINA SACKS/Daily Brum Minority enrollment numbers decline ADMISSIONS: Students, administrators concerned about diversity statistics By Ncal Narahara Daily Bruin Contributor The Tncoriiing fr Sfiman class is not likely-to be remembered for its diversi- ty • Although this' year's class is UCLA's largest in 1 1 years - and the strongest academically in UCLA histo- ry - declining admission rates for underrepresented minorities have made it the center of controversy for much of the university community. See SIZE, page 1 1 FRESHMAN ENROLLMENTS mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmimmmmmmmmmmmimmmm The number of freshmen who are planning to enroll this fall is the highest it has been since 1994, and an increase of 10 percent over what admissions officials had hoped for 4,2«r Fall 94 9S 96 97 9$ *Numbff bisfdoflsutnnentsof imrnttorrgtor. CAPITALIZE on the explosive growth of the internet and telecommmunications industry Huge income potential Call today 310-281- 1995 BABYSITTER WANTED for every Saturday Needs own transportation. Aoi Mienrolnwntmmtov Hii Krel Mstdinlbettl JUNE KIM/Daily Brum -y Manhattan Ford /Toyota Honda Kawasaki r n T^^» Crowded dining oreos, fenov Qted housing ond construction odd flovof to living on campus By Mason Stockstill Daily Bruin Senior Staff The dorms are home to the majority of UCLA's freshmen - as well as many unresolved complaints. But in this case they would be placed in separate wings.

4,000 Pages of review material and practice passages. Mira Hershey Hall Hershey Hall used to be a residence hall. Go even further back, and it was an all-female dorm, built with monies willed to the university by Mira Hershey, heir to the Hershey chocolate empire. On-campus housing will be one of the first areas hit. New students will encounter the crunch as they move into the residence halls and suites. Housing Administration put students in floor study lounges for a short time to accommodate the overflow.

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