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I heard in my spirit “Tell him about your vision.” My father was eager to hear about Jesus, having had this dream recently.

He confessed his love for Him and asked Him to come into his heart.

When i returned home, I went to my room to be alone as family were downstairs.

As i approached his side of the bed, I smelt the distinct smell of his skin, something very subtle and something you take for granted when loved ones are alive….

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He fully came into the glory of being born again one night. I shared with my father the vision I had when I asked Jesus to come into my life.

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Reply Many years ago, I was having breakfast with a friend who had just lost someone very close to him.

The jukebox (it was an old-fashioned diner) started playing “You Are So Beautiful” and all of a sudden I felt her presence – she was inside of me, and I was looking at him with her eyes. But I think she visited me 1) to let him know he wasn’t imagining it, that somebody else knew what she was feeling, and 2) to let ME know about life after death.

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