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The Palghar police arrested accused Haridas Yergode within an hour of the criminal act.According to sources, Anita Jadhav (name changed) and Yergode became friends on Facebook last year.Going off to Mumbai to earn a living as a sex worker is fully accepted by the other people in the women’s home villages.Tamang women have been migrating to Mumbai for decades.Mumbai: A 20-year-old girl from Vashi lost her life when she refused to have sex with her Facebook friend.After his best efforts to convince her failed, the 21-year-old youth strangulated her to death using his shoelace and dumped her body on the staircase.Their close lives with each other created long-lasting relationships between them.Many of the clients socialised, ate and rested with the women and helped them with everyday chores.

Throughout a fifteen-month field trip, social anthropologist Susanne Åsman followed the lives of Tamang women of northeastern Nepal as, for long or short periods, they lived as sex workers in Mumbai (previously Bombay).

In Mumbai, the brothels became the women’s houses and homes.

“However, while establishing themselves there, the women maintained contact with their families and their membership of their dwellings in their home villages,” relates Susanne Åsman.

This could, for example, be used to help rebuild the family dwelling in the home village.

When they did return, it was not as stigmatised sex workers.

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