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but in others it's just a line to "let someone down nicely"There is no "letting down" nicely if you really don't care for the person and don't intent to really keep a friendship after the fact... But sometimes i think i can be way to aggressive and pushy but whatever because id like to get the message across because ive had some experiance where someone just wont listen and they insist that im just playing hard to get when in fact im not im simply not interseted or attracted. It just leaves people with too much curiosity.they think "what did i do" or why this and why i would rather be told the truth as opposed to just not returning calls or any form of contact..being told i am like like "friend" lol I hung out with a girl that was like a sister to me.

in which a few cases I've been GLAD it's been said to me because the feeling was mutual... I guess it's better for someone who hates your guts to say "Oh, I could never date you, you're like a brother to me" than for them to hold it in till they just snap and do something nasty Oh believe me, if im not interseted in someone ill definately make it clear. You are exactly right.think that you will be hurt upset and mad.what they fail to realise is that it hurts more when they aren't told (or told the truth) as to why they say its not gonna work etc.

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