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Regulations forced the channel to remove nudity from its daytime shows from 2008–09 onwards; the adult program now begins at 11 pm CET and lasts until 3 am.

During the daytime, most Sky adult channels broadcast "chat line" or "date line" programs, where viewers can call female presenters, still at the premium rate, but rarely including sexual content or conversation so they cannot be classed as "sex lines".

Seconds later, a man and woman screaming at each other walk straight into shot behind Pierce.

As they shout expletives, Pierce says: "I'm terribly sorry about the distraction behind – can't really help that one."Related: BBC News gaffe leaves viewers in hysterics as presenter suffers "car crash opening" live on air Newman adds: "There seems to be some sort of fight going on behind, so let me just go back to Dawn Foster."As the camera returns to the studio, Foster is seen attempting to stifle her giggles while Newman tries to move on.

Welcome to The Z-Channel - KZRO-FM - Z100FM, broadcasting live 24/7 on 100.1FM to 24,000 square miles of Northern California, locally on 1570-AM, on you computer via Windows Media and MP4/aac Shoutcast, plus on Androids, i Phones, i Pads and Blackberry's from downtown Mount Shasta, CA USA....

[And unlike many radio station websites, we don't try and sell you anything here.] ----- THE MUSIC: ---- The Z-Channel features two great weekday formats, Daytime WORKDAY CLASSICS from 6AM/6PM, and CLASSIC ROCK from 6PM/6AM with only two commercial breaks per hour.

Furious arguments in public are commonplace for couples. Well, they are for us.)What's not commonplace is furious arguments being caught on camera, or even worse – on Channel 4's camera.

One unidentified couple were unfortunate enough to be captured live during a Channel 4 News segment, while columnist Andrew Pierce was speaking to presenter Cathy Newman about a censorship row between the Related: BBC News subtitles error just popped Hezbollah into Jeremy Corbyn's congratulations to Prince Harry As Pierce was speaking to Newman and Guardian columnist Dawn Foster in the studio, car horns and faint yelling could be heard off camera.

----- NIGHTTIME: ----- Then it’s time to crank out the rock and roll on the TWELVE HOUR CLASSIC ROCK BLOCK 6PM/6AM.

The presenters are sometimes the same as on nighttime sex lines; some, like French Bangbabes presenter Chloe [5], made the 'transition' from daytime to nighttime.

The 8–9 pm hour (before the watershed) features fewer phone-ins on the adult channels.

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