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A Qualitative Analysis of Black Women's Constructions of White Women in Interracial Relationships.

Assigning an individual to a race does not buy the inferential power you are usually warranted to expect from a biological kind term.

Also, classifications based on different traits such as skin colour, body shape hair etc usually cross cut each other (Brown & Armelagos 2001).

Research, especially media discourses suggest and show that black women have a negative discourse towards white women who have interracial relationships.

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They usually underscore the instability and diversity of human beings' concept of races.

Although no consensus has yet emerged, several proposals have recently attempted to describe the underlying cognitive mechanism responsible for the production of racial concepts (e.g., Hirschfield, 2001; White, 2001; Machery & Faucher 2005).

The two latter approaches are both a needed supplement to the social constructionist approach.

Social constructionist guided the discourse theory methodology. Since the 1980s social constructionism has become an increasingly influential perspective within psychology (e.g., Burr, 1995).

Social constructionism suggests that human experience, including perception is mediated historically, culturally and linguistically (Willig, 2007).

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