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Public workshops and a public hearing eventually will follow.

CLEARWATER -- Dunedin struck out in its quest for another 0,000 to renovate the Toronto Blue Jays spring training facility.

"To me, this is not a responsibility of ours at all," said City Commissioner Pat Burke.

"It is a state issue and, perhaps, a county issue." Commissioner Marty Shelby asked the city's staff to study the issue after state Attorney General Bob Butterworth wrote an opinion last month suggesting a city could pass such an ordinance.

City Manager Steven Stanton thinks the idea of banning hand-held cell phones while driving has merit, but the city attorney and sheriff's officials say it would be difficult to enforce such a law when surrounding communities don't have one as well.But in meetings with environmental groups and homeowners, Frohlich heard the opposite: Not only should the proposed areas be closed, they should be larger.And the state should consider banning boat traffic in a wider area."At some point, some jurisdiction is going to inject itself in this." Boards that oversee planning and growth issues in Hernando and Pasco counties both came under scrutiny last week, with county commissioners calling for streamlining of the development process.The response to the moves from developers and slow-growth advocates were mixed.

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