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But you should ask onetime celluloid bride Nia Vardalos why it took a whopping 14 years to churn out such an ill-conceived comedy (out March 25).

We fell in love with Toula and the Windex-obsessed Portokalos clan, and to this day, their timeless and often hilarious antics hold up remarkably well. Toula and Ian have difficulty recapturing the spark in their marriage.

Immigration can pose a particular burden on parents: They exchange their ability to raise their children in their own culture for prosperity or security in another.

Perhaps the cultural loss explains why some first-generation North Americans are so notoriously anxious that their children marry within their ethnic group.

The first third or so just feels like a series of comic skits or standup lines wandering about in search of a movie as Vardalos reintroduces all the familiar characters in Toula's smothering Chicago family.We want them to stay together and prove a neurotic Greek and an easygoing Episcopalian vegetarian can live (relatively) happily ever after.But as far as this franchise is concerned, it’s time for a divorce.The returning all-star cast, which includes Toula's parents, Maria and Gus Portokalos, played by Lainie Kazan and Michael Constantine, as well as Toula's brother Nick (Louis Mandylor), join newcomers John Stamos and Rita Wilson, who's Oscar-winning husband, Tom Hanks, co-produced both movies, E! There's a plot twist that involves another "Big Fat Greek Wedding!" __After watching Toula, played by actress Nia Vardalos, tie the knot to her scandalous non-Greek fiancé Ian Miller, played by actor John Corbett, in the millennial comedy that started it all, we're introduced to another pair in the close knit family who's planning to walk down the aisle, except this time, they've already been married for decades! The timeline of the anticipated follow-up picks up with Toula and Ian's college-aged daughter, Paris, played by Elena Kampouris, showcasing her rebellion toward her giant Greek family, by applying to non-Greek colleges, and experiencing every drama in between.

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