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Khachaturian’s music is noted for its modal, harmonic, melodic and orchestral generosity, all of which are connected with a broad gamma of thoughts and feelings in his scores.” is written in modern language, with application of contemporary methods of the musical-theatre form.The main characters in the ballet are represented with specific and repeated musical themes.Over the past decade, the company has gained a notable following and has grown to become one of the major dance companies within the greater Los Angeles area.Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre attracts first-class talent from around the world, including Armenia, Asia, Russia, Mexico and Spain.She traveled much of the world studying many forms of cultural dancing, art design and contemporary and classical theatre.

Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre boasts a large, varied repertoire and produces several major programs the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA on Sunday, September 17, 2017 – Photo by Cheryl Mann With only a very select, small number of VIP’s in attendance, for a nice gathering of sandwiches, snacks, wine, and cheese, VIP guests were treated to a Chamber Orchestra performance of beautiful classical compositions.Later, hundreds of guests arrived, filling the seats in the Alex – a very nice theatre located just North of Downtown Los Angeles, and just West of Pasadena, in Glendale, California.“The creation of these pieces not only raised Armenian national ballet to the world level, but also noticeably enriched the treasure house of the world musical-dramatic art.It is a symphonic suite in the tradition of lavish classical Russian music.Natasha Middleton will stage the piece to enhance the fantasy and put a modern face on this elaborate party, featuring eccentric costuming.

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