Jose canseco dating lawyer

The status of the spin-off is unclear, but Hubbard said she’s living in LA, plans to take the California bar exam in the spring and hopes to focus on sports and entertainment law.“I loved working for the DA, but this is a career change and I’m enjoying it,” she said.

Some friends and observers, however, worry that Jose is simply using Hubbard for her legal briefs.

It's been more than 13 years since Jose Canseco has played a major league baseball game.

But retirement has not sapped the former Oakland Athletics star's ability to generate headlines.

In 1987, Mark Mc Gwire joined Canseco on the Athletics; Mc Gwire hit 49 home runs that year and was also named the American League Rookie of the Year.

Together, he and Canseco formed a fearsome offensive tandem, known as the "Bash Brothers".

But Canseco was just as coy as Hubbard when I reached him by phone in Los Angeles.“Is that the rumor going around? “I tend to shy away from gossip.” Moments later, when asked what he liked about Worcester, he said, “I met Michelle there and that was great. She joined the DA’s office last year as an unpaid intern in the sexual assault unit while she studied for the bar exam.

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She’s 28, blonde and beautiful; he’s 48, broke and bankrupt. Not exactly a perfect match for a pair that first canoodled over cocktails at The Perfect Game, especially as the slugger is known for hitting on women as hard as he once hit ’em out of the park.They relocated to the United States, with José and Ozzie growing up in the Miami, Florida area, and attending Coral Park High School.Canseco did not attend college, having been drafted in the 15th round by the Oakland Athletics in 1982.Hubbard, for her part, was working in the DA’s office this spring when she met Canseco, who quickly became a Friend of the Court after eyeing the tanned and fit Michelle while they played softball on opposing teams — she for the D. Both sides retreated to the bar after the game, where Jose told Michelle that he’d play for her team if she went on two dates.They’ve been teammates ever since, as well as lawyer and client.

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