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That’s contributed to the most bustling mobile payments economy in the world: In 2015, China’s mobile transactions surged to 5 billion, surpassing the U. Over the six-day holiday, users sent each other 20 million red envelopes. That stunning growth was in part the result of a masterful bit of marketing.

Tencent partnered with China Central Television’s Spring Festival Gala, an annual TV event watched by an estimated 700 million people.

So addictive, in fact, that third-party apps now exist that let users grab red envelopes without unlocking their phones. I lost.” I started to type a reply, then noticed something new had appeared—a digital wallet containing 0.03 yuan.

And because I now had a We Chat Wallet, a host of other features appeared too: a button to buy movie tickets, one to book train and plane travel, another to hail a car, one to pay utility bills, and more.

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He’s a theater director and was working on a production in China.

The result is that any time a red envelope appears, people scramble to tap on it as fast as possible.

(The packets expire in a day, adding to the time pressure.) Only afterwards do they see how much money they’ve won, giving it an addictive element of surprise.

When an app popularized in part through the exchange of horse-dance GIFs and cartoon anthropomorphic dumplings becomes the default platform for work communication, you’re going to have a sticker problem.

Things got really weird, though, when Mike started mentioning the Red Packets.

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