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“If you’re absolutely positive that you’ll be together eventually, that certainty could potentially sustain a very long long-distance dating relationship—even one that spans many years.” So if your sweetheart gets a job offer on the other coast, there’s no need to panic.

If you’re truly committed to one another, living a continent apart should make no difference whatsoever.

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Preserving Normality When You Can Doing Things Together and Bonding Setting Expectations and Boundaries Community Q&A No one's ever said that long distance relationships are easy, but the distance doesn't have to ruin your relationship either.

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Lonely and alone on a Saturday night, I started scrolling through Ok Cupid and, out of boredom and curiosity, expanded my search options to include users anywhere in the world.I was drawn in by the profiles of some of these new, distant matches and messaged a few asking if they’d like to chat on the phone.That weekend I talked to a neuropsychologist from Milwaukee; a software developer from Austin, Texas; an improv instructor from Seattle; and an economics masters student from London.“There are pros and cons to each type of relationship,” Blair writes, “but in the end they even out, so that both types of relationships are able to produce happy and satisfied couples.” The study did not follow couples over time, but participants in long-lasting long-distance relationships did not significantly differ from those who lived nearby for roughly the same period.“What appears to be more important than actual length of relationship is the certainty one has that they will eventually be together with their partner,” Blair writes.

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