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Results can be seen within three months and last for up to a year.Miss Parish, who had the 75-minute procedure at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic in London, credits it for making her easier to film.Fresh from her arrival in the current series of Broadchurch, Sarah Parish is set to star in her own ITV drama.The actress is lined up to take the lead in Bancroft, a new four-part crime series from writer and creator Kate Brooke.Jim and I have remained together despite some terrible, terrible times. But we made some decisions which ultimately helped bring us through to the other side intact.’ Sarah and James reacted in a way that most would not, flying off to Vietnam and Cambodia to do voluntary work in orphanages.‘It was either that or drink ourselves to death in the pub,’ explained Sarah, ‘and – harsh though it might sound – we needed to escape the sympathy that enveloped us in Britain.

I was almost hit me with the ridiculous CGI on a 'young' Sarah Parish.The 48-year-old actress and her husband tragically lost their daughter, Ella-Jayne, in 2009, who had battled a congenital heart defect from birth. ‘When my husband, the actor James Murray, and I lost Ella-Jayne, we tried to do both.But such an incredible loss inevitably puts an enormous strain on a relationship because people grieve in different ways.When DS Katherine Stevens' (Marsay) own probe into the 1990 unsolved disappearance of a local woman named Laura Fraser put her in Bancroft's crosshairs, an inevitable conflict started building.It was clear from the off that Bancroft wanted Stevens nowhere near the Fraser case, which she originally investigated more than 25 years earlier.

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