Rowupdating not working

You can see the C# code below will give the row number whatever you are editing by New Edit Index property.

So Grid View will put the appropriate row into the Edit Mode by assigning row number to its Edit Index property. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

Hello, I have a gridview that is working the way I want it to.

It is returning data from a stored procedure without a problem.

We will use Template Field, whenever we want to define some custom control in the data bound controls like Grid View, Data Grid or Data Repeater.

If he clicks edit (or) in the edit mode he can be able to see the Textbox.

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So once after done with editing data, if we click update the following method will be triggered. Once we access the required fields in the code behind, we need to update the data in the database and show the updated data to the user. If the user clicks the Delete button On Row Deleting event will be fired. Going into that code we are trying to get the primary key of the employee table(Employee ID) by using Grid View Data Key Names and then This entry was posted on March 27, 2009 at am and is filed under ASP.

There are multiple ways in which one can get the data from the current row that is being edited in a Grid View. Using "Extract Values From Cell": This is an easy way to get all the values from the current row.

In my case this was happening because I was binding to a List of custom objects.

the Select tab stored procedure works, whereas the Update & Delete tab stored procedure/sql command doesn't work. Code: I don't know what else to list down as the code, as I am doing this through the Design View of the Gridview & not in actual code.

But the Row Editing event handler error (Jscript) error that the application keeps throwing out, how can I overcome this?

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