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Call our no-charge helpline at for more information about private and public substance or alcohol abuse rehab programs in Linn Creek, Sunrise Beach, or out of town, should getting away from familiar settings be a key part of your recovery journey.

Both statements proved to be true, which led the authorities to conclude that he had driven from Fulton to Linn, smothered his mother with a pillow, dumped her in the river and returned to Fulton.

In comparing and contrasting individual recovery facility descriptions or options – like Linn Creek adolescent or teen programs, spa-like facilities or private residential accommodations – and by offering independent, curated treatment reviews and surveyed ratings, we're constantly striving to make the search for prescription opiates, cocaine or other alcohol and/or drug abuse recovery as smooth as possible.

Linn County Ambulance District has been serving Linn County and the surrounding community since 1976.

The map “provided jurors with specific facts by which to adjudge relative locations, distances, travel routes and terrain,” the judge wrote.

“When the evidence presented at trial did not convince one juror of (Helmig’s) guilt, that juror’s vote changed after viewing the map.”In June 2009, another petition was filed on Helmig’s behalf, alleging that Hulshof and Schollmeyer, who had since become an Osage County Associate Circuit Court judge, had withheld evidence and knowingly allowed a witness to lie.

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