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Breakfast fruit juice 1 cup hot cereal ½ cup eggnog 8 oz whole milk 8 oz hot tea with sugar & lemon Lunch & Dinner strained creamed soup ¾ cup juice 1 cup ice cream ½ cup pudding or custard ½ cup whole milk 8 oz hot tea with sugar & lemon salt/ pepper A diet of clear liquids maintains vital body fluids, salts, and minerals; and also gives some energy for patients when normal food intake must be interrupted. They reduce stimulation of the digestive system, and leave no residue in the intestinal tract.

This is why a clear liquid diet is often prescribed in preparation for surgery, and is generally the first diet given by mouth after surgery.

General health is greatly dependent upon proper hormone balance.

Your hormones are the biochemical messengers for all of your cells and organ systems, and they operate like a big orchestral symphony requiring all the glands that produce hormones to stay in balance and harmonize.

This diet may also be appropriate for patients who have swallowing and chewing problems.

The full liquid diet is low in iron, vitamin B12, vitamin A, and thiamine.

Yes, The Singlettes have been there and done that–from Sydney to London, Hong Kong to Berlin, and Vienna to Verona–spanning their own TV specials, Royal Variety Shows, and London’s West End, and reaping a slew of awards and rave reviews along the way.

The girls neatly exhume the bodies of a glorious era that had most of America’s women performers staggering under the weight of hair-do’s and lashings of mascara.

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