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The last sale made by Howard was of the house and the 9-acre lot on which it stood.

George Cheney purchased it and converted it into a picnic area.

That’s because the stuff is mixed with other resins and zinc oxide and used to fill up the void left in the tooth after it’s been drilled out. The city would soon pass a law banning these curbside gas stations.

This practice, which also began shortly after Britain introduced The N/E corner just east of Yonge. The early pumps were ‘visible gas’ pumps, with a clear glass cylinder, usually 5 or 10 gallons on top of the pump, so you could see what you were getting, or if the gas was dirty (a big problem at that time).

There were subsequent owners, the last of whom became aware of the space crisis at the House of Providence on Power Street and its problems in accommo-dating children.

At first, Sunnyside was loaned to the Sisters of St. In 1881, the Roman Catholic Diocese purchased the property and the institution became Sacred Heart Children’s Orphanage, still run by the Sisters of St. The original four-storey house had many additions, but the basic structure was octagonal in shape and Romanesque in style. In typical fashion, the City of Toronto decided to expropriate the property for use as a school in the growing residential area. Joseph and the Diocese decided to convert the property into a hospital, which could not be expropriated. During successive expansions, Howard’s house was demolished in 1945.

Even the furniture industry of the 19th century took notice of the exceptional properties of this material.

After laying low for almost four months the gang members were short of cash.

However, they also began producing molded mirror frames, sideboards, chairs, and sofas that rivaled the elaborate detail found in pieces hand carved from wood.

This was a far leap from the traditional furniture-making standards of the time.

Many of these trinkets and furnishings of the past live on in museums or in private collections.

However, examples of handiwork can also be found by looking in the mirror and saying “aah”—that is, for those who have endured a root canal.

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