Sakurai sho dating rumors

The movie’s only saving grace was Ishihara Satomi and Suzuki Ryohei. (whew) Now can we please stop pretending that it was a great movie?as noisy as Jun's or Ohno's, nor as often, and instead had his share of tabloids through him being a chain smoker and allegedly bitchy attitude to fans (the events of which are all the fangirls' fault ).

He doesn't get into horrible scandals and keeps his fans happy, except when he was a johnnys jr, he did sleep around....Sho dressed like a smart boy and was too shy to get intimate with girls. made fun of his virginity apparently, this all changed when he started dating a johnnys jr.'s older sister, who was infamous for sleeping with a lot of juniors.Sho fell hard for her, but she was a player and dumped him afterwards.Chinese house restaurant “China House Keikarou” of Masaki’s parents launched the official twitter on July 24, it is becoming the topic of fans.The store is a shop where Aiba parents and brother work.

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