Problem during frost updating

Note: The majority of articles, reviews and posts that I have read recommend NOT using Elmer’s Fast Tack Re-positionable glue. Make sure this lever is in the “up” position and the rollers are making contact with the mat.You will probably be able to buy Krylon Easy-Tack at your favourite craft store or on-line scrapbooking store. If the lever is in the down position, it will not be able to hold your mat in place and guide it through the machine during the cutting process. Are the rollers on your cutting mat spaced properly?Once you’ve washed it, rinse off any soap and dry it well. If washing your cutting mat doesn’t completely solve your problem, try spraying it with a re-positionable glue.You should see a noticeable improvement in it’s sticking ability. The most popular brand among crafters seems to be KRYLON Easy-Tack repositionable adhesive. On the right hand side, just in front of the roller bar, you will see a blue lever.

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Although the character was initially depicted as a member of Alpha Flight, he has appeared regularly as a member of the X-Men since joining the team of mutants in Uncanny X-Men #414 (December 2002).

The rollers on the roller bar must be spaced properly to grip the edges of your cutting mat or other media.

You can easily adjust the rollers by moving them along the roller bar. Centre your cutting mat or other media directly under the rollers.

Doing this regularly should keep the blade housing clear of any paper debris. If you have tried cleaning the blade housing and you are still not getting clean cuts, it is very possible that you have a defective blade.

Call the Silhouette America support line, explain the problem and they will send you a new blade. The contact information follows at the end of this article.

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