Dating site for autistic people

An older sister or even your mom can be a great source of information. Maybe you’ll find her in astronomy club or in fencing class. The better she knows you, the less risk she takes in going out with you — and the less risk you take that you won’t have anything to talk about. SEVEN: When you ask a girl on a date, make it specific. ” is really asking her to pass judgment on you as a person.

Other guys can be helpful, if you can trust them, but girls have insights guys don’t. Having something in common makes it easier to talk with a girl, so put yourself in situations where you’re likely to meet someone who likes what you like. A girl who is not interested may say “Yes” in order not to hurt your feelings.

NINE: Don’t try to solve her problems unless she asks for your input.

People often talk about things to help them think them through, or just to have another person sympathize.

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If she doesn’t accept your second offer and doesn’t suggest an alternative, she’s probably not interested.It’s not just using good manners with her, it’s also how she observes you acting with everyone else.If she sees you using some basic manners and always trying to do the right thing, she’s more likely to be forgiving if you haven’t mastered other social skills. I made friends with girls in my high school classes who I could ask questions about what girls expected or would like.If she asks for your input, it’s a good idea to suggest solutions in the form of a question: “Do you think you could…?” This leaves the door open for her to give you more information if you’ve only seen the tip of the ice burg. TEN: Be honest and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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