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' It's not really hot to have the [LED] red light on you and be like, 'Don't talk to me.

I like to lie in bed and binge watch television with my Light Stim.

With the voices of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Russell Brand, Zooey Deschanel.

We are initially told that they dated at one point, but Amelia met John Blackwell, and in the end, Amelia chose Cassie's father over Ethan, thus making Ethan depressed.

But I hate all that skinny shaming that goes on: 'You're too skinny, eat a burger!

You would never say that to someone who is ten pounds overweight ever.

Kate Plays Christine Director Robert Greene's novel nonfiction film explores the blur between truth and fiction as it follows indie star Kate Lyn Sheil while she prepares to portray Christine Chubbock, a Florida newscaster who committed suicide on-air in 1974.

Brother Nature A buttoned-down political meets his match in his prospective brother-in-law, who drags him through the great outdoors in a quest to be his bestie.Written by Killam and Mikey Day; story by Cameron Fay.Dancer Filmmaker Steven Cantor considers the impact fame and fortune have on artistic identity in this documentary on Ukrainian Sergei Polunin, the "bad boy of ballet," who walked away from his position as principal dancer at the Royal Ballet at age 21 only to later become a viral sensation.Although in actuality she chose Ethan and they both tried to kill Blackwell.He’s dating Diana (Shelley Henning), who quickly becomes Cassie’s close friend.

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