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Every job has some part of it that isn't as easy or as much fun as the rest, she thought to herself.

And if he wanted her to schmooze the clients once in awhile, she could do that.

What better way to spend a Friday night than with some loser, who tastes of stale beer, attempting to stick his tongue down your throat....

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Read On Added: | Category: Occupations | Words: 3,461 | Tags: secretary boss promotion fantasy | 3 Comments You never know what may come your way About three years ago I had to take a short trip to San Francisco for business.It had been a pretty successful meeting and I’d be flying back to Philadelphia in the morning.To pass the time I’d gone down to the hotel bar for a drink or two.Alas, the period ended and the usual rush of “busy” college kids began.Busy, I snorted, their biggest concern is the massive kegger going on this evening.

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