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This makes it possible to have an immersive view of the place they are calling, as well as share the VR experience with others in real-time It can be pre-ordered now for 9 (£323) and in addition to being used in Summit Tech's setup, the camera comes with a light bulb adapter to double up as a security camera, or can rival Go Pro as an action camera.

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Chat Abbreviations To cut down time on typing, many people have started using abbreviations for various actions and phrases.My friend spreads her legs on my bed and I sink my face between them, my hot tongue diving deep between the gash formed by her parted pussy lips, tasting her sweet juices as I eat her out.She does the same to me and we just can’t get enough of each other, it turns us on even more that our roommate is filming us fully naked eating each other and that those videos eventually spread all over the dorm, Campus and the web!Many of the abbreviations used in chats have pretty much become universal and a lot have become creatively humorous thanks to many regulars in those chat rooms.The following abbreviations and their meanings are some of the most commonly used out there. SETE Smiling Ear To Ear SHID Slaps Head In Disgust SO Significant Other SWAK Sealed With A Kiss SWL Screaming with Laughter SYS See You Soon TA Thanks Again TOY Thinking Of You TTFN Ta Ta For Now TTYL Talk To you Later WB Welcome Back WTH What/Who The Heck YBS You'll Be Sorry YG Young Gentleman YL Young Lady YM Young Man ttyl talk to you later ttys talk to you soon tcob taking care of business ttfn ta ta for now Another thing that was previously mentioned is your text size and appearance.

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