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In the movie, a professional thief from Hong Kong is repeatedly humiliated by a bungling band of irreligious scam artists. It means that there will be a fist fight at 5am in the morning between two motorists on their way to work.Real fistfights, not the “get out and check your ride for tiny scratches while all of China is backed up behind you type of mini-scuffle more concerned with money than anything else”-type of car accident.

Chongqing’s counterpart in the West is probably Mexico City, neither of which have any real counterpart in the developed West, but it was here that I found out that the things that bind us together far outnumber the things that tear us apart.Kunming comes a close second, followed perhaps by Dali or maybe one of the coastal cities like Xiamen, but basically I am a southwest boy at heart, no matter where I am.There is a vibe here in Chengdu that attracts a certain type of foreigner and I consider myself to be representative of that type of person. I love it there and I still go back every chance I can, but its a tough place to live.Other cities care about their face and will try to show foreigners and rich Taiwanese or officials from Beijing their pretty face.Chongqing has it written in blood that any local that bows and scrapes to outsiders is actually a Chengdunese spy, trying to learn the secret of hot pot.

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