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As earlier stated in the hypothesis, as the concentration of the substrate was increased, the rate of reaction increased as well (with exception of the second point.) The increase in enzyme activity for each level of substrate concentration was observed up to a point where the relationship became horizontal.

From the theory on enzyme activity, this is the point where the enzyme is occupied by the substrate.

For instance, in the solution without the enzyme the formation of melanin was so slow that it appeared to be inactive as compared to the solutions with enzymes.

In order to show its effect on enzyme activity, the concentration of the substrate used (catechol) was increased in the following proportions: 0.2 ml, 0.5ml, 1 ml, 2.5 ml and 3 ml.Since the larger molecules are less soluble in water they would eventually precipitate from the solution.The process begins as a spontaneous activity as shown in the initial stages of the graphs in figure one which then slows down as melanin formation comes to an end.The Melanin production in each salt concentration increases over the time.This is because the reaction proceeds as the time passes.

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