Devotions dating couples building foundation

Help him want to bless others and have a caring attitude.

Teach him how to help others while they are hurting. Let him know how to complete me when I’m stressed or upset.

Welcome to our 14 day journey in “Prayers for our Future Husbands”! God, I ask you to help him love you more than anything else, running after you, unapologetically seeking you with all his heart.

We are so excited that you decided to join us for praying for your future husband. And did you know that your future husband needs these prayers? So, of course you can just read these prayers but I would like to ask that you also write these prayers out in your own words in your journal, diary, notebook or whatever works for you. But we want them in your own words so that it’s really coming from you and the Lord. I ask you to give him passion and a selfless, unashamed boldness that can only come from you. Dear God, Please help my future husband to be a hard worker. Help him to be honest in business and everyday life too. Each and every day even right now help him to make wise choices that bring honor to you.

We also made a 2 week prayer journey for future wives as well! Lord, whatever he does let it be a reflection of his love for you and may he bring you glory.

Prayers for My Future Husband Part 2 Lord, I don’t know who my future husband will be but you do. I want to lift my future husband up to you this weekend Lord. Help him to be a light and shining example to his friends this weekend.

Bless his day today and help him feel content and loved! Give him a noble heart, a steadfast spirit and a passionate pursuit for holiness.

Help him to keep his eyes on you and to encounter your presence in a whole new way!Then, after this 14 day journey, you can save those little prayers in a special box or chest. Help him to have integrity and to stand up for what is right. Lord I pray that my future husband would learn through day to day experiences and trials how to be a good leader.Then on your wedding day give them to your husband. I pray that he would learn the qualities needed to make a great leader for his family and wife.Let him enjoy life to its fullest today and everyday! Let the clouds of depression and worry see his joy and pass over him. Jesus, I pray that you would bless my future husband with the gift of a loving, sweet and tender heart.Bring him peace and comfort so that he can experience the fullness of Your goodness Jesus. Let him learn now while he is single to be a loving husband.

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