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If the numbers aren’t good, they threaten to ship your job to China or India.” 17.

My “supervisor” may not really be a “supervisor.” In many cases, “supervisors” aren’t managers, but more experienced customer service reps who have better problem-handling skills.

Goals vary based on the bank (three minutes is common), but shorter is always better.

We also get punished if we put you on hold for too long. We are all under pressure to upsell, whether it’s credit card protection, credit monitoring or balance transfers.

Credit card customer service reps are your first point of contact when you have a question or need something from your credit card issuer. Credit tracked down five former or current real-life credit card customer service reps to find answers.

As a safety precaution, please change your password.“You call just to ask a question, and I’m trying to keep you on the phone to sell you something.I tried not to push it, but the boss would listen to my calls, and I’d get dinged if I had too many calls in a row where I didn’t make a balance transfer or credit protection pitch.” 3. Banks make decisions about your interest rate and credit limit based on your credit and payment history, not how nicely you ask. It’s easy for us to waive that late fee – just ask.Some banks allow reps to do this, some don’t, and it may depend on which card you have. But don’t go on and on, because we’re being timed.” 6. “I saw more people cry at the call center (including grown men) than I’ve ever seen anywhere,” the former Capital One rep said.“We could waive the annual fee on some cards, but the company tracked us to see how often we did it, and we’d get in trouble if our numbers were too high,” Walko said. Keep calling until you get the right rep, and be extra nice. “I was a manager listening in when one of our new reps got berated by a man because she couldn’t waive a fee for him.

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