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Oh, the relief of having the ESPN commentary box to hide in with old friends and fellow ex-players Pam Shriver and Mary-Jo Fernandez.Whether on screen, or talking to me now about the fashion for grunting — “I was never a grunter, I just breathed” — or the future of the American game after the Williams sisters — “we’ve got to bite our tongues and get better players” — chatting about tennis comes as light relief after the emotional roller-coaster of the last five years.Some say that Norman’s two grown-up children made life hard for their stepmother. A common opinion is that two champions make poor bedfellows. You have to be very self-absorbed, very selfish because it is all about you, and everyone is gunning for you.The focus on winning messes with your head, as Evert is well aware. “I remember aged 14 being so excited that I was made a cheerleader at high school. ’ It had to be all or nothing, and I made the decision to go with the tennis.

But just 15 months after marrying, tennis star Chris Evert and golfing great Greg Norman – who left their longtime spouses for each other in 2006 – called it quits last week, begging the question: Why?

It’s enough to have been back at Wimbledon, a place she loves.

“They must never change the grass or the rules about wearing white.” And to find herself happy again.

That iron self-control has been called upon recently as she copes with the aftermath of the most disastrous off-court match of her life.

On Thursday, at Wimbledon, she found herself in the same place at the same time as her ex-husband, Greg Norman, who came with his new wife, Karen, on his arm.

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