Who has ellen barkin dating Sluttroullett

I read all the blind gossip sites, and I'm usually pretty good at figuring them out; but, I am stuck in the mud on this one.

Since you don't wish to name names, would you please give me another hint, even a broad one, which might help me figure it out? George Clooney's a decent, generous man who has always been respectful and supportive of the gay community. First and foremost because Amal Alamuddin is not moving to the US.

Then there's the rumour that he's actually involved with Cindy Crawford's husbands, and that George's beards are involved with Cindy.

More inclined to believe in the Italian boyfriend than the Rande Gerber rumour.

He's carried on as is for many years now, if he didn't get married, the straight community wouldn't put him down, and his stature in Hollywood wouldn't be affected.

Clooney's reputation as a bachelor is fully cemented in people's minds. Unless he really is straight.[quote]if he's gay, why would he be getting married?

But we allow George his privacy, because he is honest in person and strongly supportive of gay rights concerns.

His girlfriend wants a minimum of M to marry the actor because that is how much she claims she will give up in earnings to marry the actor."[quote]His girlfriend wants a minimum of M to marry the actor because that is how much she claims she will give up in earnings to marry the actor. It gives him the perfect excuse to pretend that he has to call it off and his frau fans will eat it up.So why get married at this point--it's not like he's some young gun in Hollywood trying to establish himself and get acting roles? Please get back to this thread on the day after the wedding. Variety of reasons (I only met 2 of them), but standing in business-their career was the main one. Someone bloody world-famous like Clooney; I am only surprised that he hasn't gotten (re-married; remember Talia Balsam) married BEFORE this.In that case, the theme song for your return to this thread can be "The Twelfth of Never.""Boyfriend At The Lake"A Life Time Movie inspired by true events, premiering Tuesday, June 17, at PMA disgraced Mafioso attempts to blackmail a handsome America actor by exposing his hidden homosexuality. My best friend - good-looking guy, in relative good shape, although we ARE both old(er) now - has had a ton of short-term hookups and three big, long, love-of-his life, relationships. Mind you, this was 10 or so years ago; I can see what is probably your point; why bother marrying a woman in these relatively more tolerant times. President Barack Obama arrived in Palm Springs, California on Saturday via Air Force One to spend Father's Day playing golf. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages reducing unnecessary air travel to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.The Democratic Governor at the time tripled the car registration fees, after having economic struggles with several major unions, in a vain attempt to balance the budget.Poor Californians in the car dependent state waited hours in line to register to vote, for the very first time in their lives.

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