Race specific dating websites

The interviewees highlight how important race is to those searching for love or sex online. With the large pool of potential candidates online, can it not be a good thing to be more selective, and race just becomes another category like hair colour or height.Yet, as discussed by the video, moving race to the top of the checklist of a partner has attached sexual connotations to racial diversity transforming it into a fetish.I completely ignore them, pretending they do not exist and walk away because they are black.Many would consider this to be racism because I actively ignored that person due to their race.

But what about the reverse: those that actively block candidates because they belong to the desired racial group?

Through a friend, at a family function, at Church, introduced through a colleague or co-worker.

But these days things are more fast paced than they used to be and many of us just dont have the time- and more importantly dont have the time to wait for that chance encounter!

Selecting a partner to have sex with just because they fulfil the racial, sexual desire of the other, race is being established as a sexualised fantasy.

As such, this may indicate that as a society we are becoming more accepting of racial diversity by fetishizing race and associating it with sexual attraction.

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