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They look back to that period nearly four centuries ago to find one of the first vocal proponents of ethnic mixing in Canada: Samuel de Champlain.

In 1633, he told his Indigenous allies, "Our young men will marry your daughters, and we shall become one people." Since then, many have taken Métis to simply mean what its French translation suggests: "mixed." In a paper, Dr. Leroux write, "The major problem with using a mixed-raced understanding of 'Métis' is that it finds 'Métis' everywhere and in so doing denies the more explicit peoplehood of the Métis Nation." Because her mixed children are Filipino and Barbadian with no European ancestry, Ms.

"Because of the books she read or people on TV they saw, she would say 'They look like me.' And it would always, always be people of African descent," Ms. Observing her daughter come to terms with her racial and ethnic identity has been eye-opening to Ms.

Borden and forced her into a new headspace, thinking about the world in a way she might not have without multi-ethnic kids.

In Canada, 69 per cent of the database is made up of what Canadian Blood Services defines as "Caucasian" donors and the remainder are either racialized or multi-ethnic, the latter composing a small fraction of the total.The number of mixed race relationships is growing in Canada.How do families negotiate race in the most intimate setting of all — at home, with the ones you love?Navigating the many complications that come with a mixed identity, which range from political to sociological to health-related, is becoming more common across the country as an increasing swath of residents are reporting multiple ethnicities, according to data from the 2016 census.Dakshana Bascaramurty reports Andre and Sunshine Batson and their three and half year old twins Maxwell (grey hat) and Brandon (blue hat) enjoy their New Years Day in the snow covered Lakeside Park near their home in Oakville.

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