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This year was a total joy, and the fabulous team in “Straight Faced Lies” was recognized with SIX awards nominations, including myself for Best Supporting Actress.GREAT REVIEW from Martin Denton “…This Williams (Mark Jason) spins his tale of archetypal mother, son, daughter, sister, and long-lost father with equal parts compassion, wit, and danger.As her world quickly spirals out of control, and she is left broken, homeless and alone, she finally finds her way back to the flood waters at Houston Street where her hope returns with a small act of kindness.I play “Miss A”, a quirky Religion teacher with a fall from grace of her own.Ten Unknowns is a theatrical treat and a perfect match for The Schoolhouse.In its review, The New Yorker proclaimed Ten Unknowns to be “…a cunning and elegant play…with deft storytelling.Glad to be part of a stellar cast of women ( 1 man) in a departure from the regular repertoire of The Gallery Players.

Melissa Skirboll has directed Straight Faced Lies with economy and verve.She commands the stage strongly and truly possesses the verse.” In this smart and thought provoking new drama by award-winning playwright, Ashley Jacobson, Connie, the sole survivor of a school shooting, labors to find her place as she begins a new life at a Catholic school while bearing the last name Weissman.Soon she naively follows a student, an artist, a doctor, and a politician all hell-bent on teaching her their way which pulls her further down the rabbit hole.Hannah Wolfe who was Medea’s children’s tutor and later a messenger delivered a stand out performance.As she orates the horrifying account of how Medea had sent her children to present gifts to the King and Princess, gifts that would bring them to their gruesome and unnatural deaths, you can’t look away.

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