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WPC Farrington’s conclusions have subsequently been confirmed by the Austrian Police, her doctor and her solicitor.

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In short, the written threat to arrest Peter Hofschröer issued by Inspector Moreton is concocted and completely without substance and the Chief Constable must know this.

In a separate fraud, they also deceived Peter into signing his house in Austria over to Diane and Martin.

However, as soon as Paul and Barbara Hofschröer started to decline and became seriously ill, Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschröer (having secured control of all the family property) abandoned them, only pausing to make demands for Paul and Barbara Hofschröer to hand over their life savings to them which were a considerable sum of money.

Following continued aggressive demands by Robert, Diane and Martin Hofschröer for Paul and Barbara’s savings (which were held in a joint account) to be transferred to them, Barbara and Peter Hofschröer became concerned that Paul Hofschröer could be deceived into signing a transfer document thereby losing control over their savings.

He obtained power of attorney to prevent this, with Paul and Barbara’s consent, thereby giving him control over their finances and protecting his parents savings.

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